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Our Mission

Big Sky Ranch seeks to promote and nurture the well-being of people, animals, and the planet. Working in St. Tammany Parish and south Louisiana, Big Sky Ranch's CATNIP Foundation will reduce the unnecessary killing of animals in shelters and improve quality of life for animals and their people, indoors and out, working with the public, partner organizations, and municipal agencies to innovate, support, and model efforts to create no-kill communities and remove the need for animal shelters and sanctuaries.

CATNIP Foundation

CATNIP = Care, Advocacy, and Treatment of Neglected & Indigent Pets

CATNIP Foundation's mission delivery is guided by the following goals:

“Build. Learn. Teach.” Work to create a replicable model that can be used by other animal welfare groups in other communities. We know that multiplying our efforts is paramount to having a real impact.

“Do More Together.”

Focus on connecting, supporting, and collaborating with other organizations that similar animal welfare missions in order to maximize lifesaving opportunities in our communities.

“Stop the Problem Before It Occurs.”

We pay particular attention to the challenge of cat over-population. Euthanasia and shelters are a reactive response to this problem, so we remain focused on finding proactive solutions that are affordable, sustainable, accepted by the community, and benefit the welfare of the animals.

“Lead Others to No Kill Communities.”

Work to establish our long-term role as a national resource to consult, teach, model and support animal welfare communities in all geographic areas.

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