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Lost Pets


Microchips are a low-cost, effective way to ensure pet parents can reunite with lost pets. Tiny microchips are implanted through an injection in the nape of an animal's neck. The microchips do not provide GPS tracking, but they do hold electronic information like an ID number that can be read through a special scanner. Pet parents can assign their contact information to the microchip's ID number so that in the event they are separated a scan of the microchip helps to connect the lost pet to the correct owner.

Microchips are most effective when they are connected to accurate,  up-to-date information for the pet parent. We encourage adopters and all pet parents to register microchips at or


Social media apps like Facebook and Nextdoor can be valuable tools for alerting neighbors that a pet is missing. In our immediate area, there is a Lost Pets of St. Tammany Facebook page, another for Tangipahoa Parish,  and another for the Washington Parish area. If you adopted a pet from Big Sky and it has gone missing, please contact us immediately at (985) 796-4494.

Another amazing resource for pet parents missing a pet is Petco Love Lost, which helps reunite missing pets with their people by using a photo of the pet. Users can search a national database of more than 100,000 dogs and cats, then create and share digital lost pet alerts on Nextdoor, Facebook, and via email.


Petco Love Lost is not just for those who have lost a pet. It is also a great resource for someone who has found a lost animal and wants to help it return home. This groundbreaking, patented pet facial recognition technology is completely free to use thanks to our friends at Petco Love.

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