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Veterinary Technician

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82060 Louisiana 25, Folsom, LA, USA

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We are looking for a full-time vet tech tech. This position plays an important role in maximizing the number of lives that we are able to save by providing quality medical care in a cost and time-effective manner. The ideal candidate thrives in a fast-paced environment, demonstrates unyielding compassion for people and animals, and is committed to excellence in shelter medicine.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Veterinary Technicians work closely with all fosters, adopters, and other clinic staff to provide excellent care to all patients.

  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of all Big Sky Ranch/CATNIP medical protocols and procedures

  • Maintain a safe, clean, and sanitary work environment

  • Provide excellent customer service to all clients and stakeholders

  • Perform other related duties, as necessary

  • Provide quality and timely medical care for scheduled medical clinic clients. Prepare for daily appointments in advance, including reviewing medical history for each patient

  • Follow vet-approved protocols for diagnostics and treatment of routine medical concerns

  • Seek vet involvement for all non-routine or chronic patients

  • Provide fosters, adopters, and animal program staff with clear communication and information regarding the animals in their care

  • Work with shelter staff and clinic managers to coordinate intake and care for all incoming animals

  • Maintain updated animal records through immediate data entry during and after each appointment

  • Triage and react accordingly to urgent, critical, and contagious animals

  • Report declining patients and urgent needs to veterinary staff immediately

  • Provide scheduled treatments to all animals

  • Request and administer all assigned medications appropriately and within acceptable time frames, as directed by clinic protocols and the veterinary staff

  • Maintain proper care of all animals, including identifying, monitoring, and documenting illness symptoms and changes



  • 6 months experience working as a veterinary technician.

  • Proficiency in standard veterinary technician skills, including but not limited to proper handling and restraint techniques, blood draws and diagnostics, skin scrapes, TPR, SQ/IM/IV injections, and catheter placement

  • Must possess moderate to expert veterinary pharmacy knowledge

  • Must have a thorough knowledge of prescription veterinary medications and their uses

  • Must have basic knowledge of common dog and cat illnesses, injuries, conditions, and diagnostics and run basic medical tests

  • Ability to do precise drug calculations

  • Must be able to transcribe veterinarian notes and explain them to shelter staff and adopters

  • Ability to work independently in a busy and dynamic environment

Physical job requirements:

  • Must be able to routinely lift 30-40 pounds

  • Must be able to work around cats and dogs with varying temperaments, including those that are diseased, injured, and/or potentially aggressive

  • Must be comfortable working indoors and outdoors (including summer heat and humidity), around unpleasant smells, loud noises, and a variety of standard cleaning supplies and chemicals

  • Must be comfortable witnessing veterinary surgical procedures

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