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Your new kitten will start out

on the right paw!

Ask us about our

Special Kitten Package!

Big Sky CARES Clinic Specials

January 15th through February 23rd, Big Sky CARES Community Clinic is offering huge discounts on Annual Vaccinations and 12 month Heartworm treatment!

Heartworm Treatment as low as $5!

Free Vaccines!

  • Products for recycle must be separated by type.  (Drop-off bins will be clearly marked for a particular type of product.)

  • Empty and rinse out all containers. Keep food and liquid out of your recycling. 

  • Keep plastic bags out of the bin. They will clog the machinery. However, most grocery stores will accept and recycle them for you.

  • Plastic containers have a number inside the recycling symbol on them. Nos. 1 and 2 are easiest to recycle..

Recycling Program Subscription Fee:  $10/month

For a small subscription fee, Big Sky CARES will accept your dropped off glass, metals, and plastics for recycling during regular business hours at our Clinic and Adoption facility located at 82060 Highway 25 in Folsom, LA.

New Kitten Package
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