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Disinfecting - Some Products can Harm our Feline Friends

It is true that phenol-containing cleaners can be toxic to cats and their use is not recommended.  Many of these products will have the suffix ‘-sol’ in the name, but when in doubt, check out the ingredient list and the Safety Data Sheet for each product (generally available online).

There are many good cleaners, disinfectants and detergents available and most will work in a similar manner. One of the safest and simplest options is a solution of dish soap and water. Dawn dishwashing liquid with water for works well for thoroughly cleaning cat areas.

This combination typically requires a rinsing step. Quaternary ammoniums, such as Spic and Span® and Fantastik®, will work well for this intended purpose, but we tend to shy away from them as their use can cause clinical signs mimicking infectious diseases (ulcerations, nasal and ocular discharge, etc.) Be sure to follow label instructions for any cleaners and no pets should come in contact with treated areas after use until dry.

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