Family farm day


Family Farm Day is an awesome introduction and interactive hands on experience with our animals and in our garden. Areas of interest are our Chicken Coops, Kitty Cottages, Horse and Donkey Barn, Rabbit and Dove habitats and of course or Organic vegetable garden. Other residents include peacocks and turkeys as well as ducks and geese. 


 Lunch is offered at any number of locations on our property.  The grassy area around the pond makes for a lovely picnic type lunch,  poolside in our Fiesta Room is quite relaxing or take advantage of our amazing porches high off the ground overlooking the zen gardens, pond and barn.  Our box lunches are a NON GMO sandwich wrap, a bag of chips or fruit, and a choice of farm fresh lemonade or herbal tea.  Speciality lunches are available for an addition charge. Special lunch arrangements can be made for children 3 and under. You should expect to allow  about 3 1/2 hours for experience.


                                                   Call to schedule your personalized Family Farm Day 985-276-0270



donation $15.00 PER PERSON
BOX LUNCH $10.00 
call for menu options and quotes for your custom speciality lunch