Hurricane Season is Here!

Be Prepared.

Natural disasters can happen anywhere anytime. As residents of Louisiana we learn the drill with each passing Hurricane season and there are usually just two questions... should we stay or should we go.  But as with the Louisiana floods of 2016, it doesn't need to be a hurricane to turn your world upside down. Even disasters like gas leaks and minor floods can keep you from tending to your animals for an extended period of time. . Countless times people have been told to leave their homes for a "short time", only to find they cannot return for days or weeks. Being prepared for any disaster can make things a little less stressful.  . 

In the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina, cell service inside the Hurricane zone was almost non existent. However, when a signal was available, service to a number outside the affected area was your only saving grace. Be prepared for the possible disruption of services for extended periods of time, including gas, electricity, phone, both cellular and land lines, internet service and local sources of food, water, fuel and even bank services. 

Here are a few things you can do to prepare for either situation when pets are involved

                                       Take your animals with you! 

The only certain way to insure your animals are safe are to take them with you and keep them with you until you are set up at a safe shelter. In the event you are separated from your pet please make sure each pet has your name, home address, your phone numbers and a phone number of someone out-of -state with whom you will be in contact with should you need to evacuate.


                                             Preparing a Disaster Plan

  •Assemble an animal evacuation kit

          First aid kit

          Supply of prescriptions

          Veterinary, microchip and vaccination records

          Litter and litter box

          Leash and collar or harness.... yes even for your cat, they will need to                                                                 stretch their legs 

          Crate or carrier, clearly marked with your ID information and large                                                                        enough to allow for a litter box, food                                                                      bowls and still allow room for your cat                                                                  to comfortably lie down.

          Blanket or towels for bedding.

          Bottled water ( 7 day supply is recommended)

          Food ( 7 day supply as well)

          Toys, your pets will get bored too waiting out the storm. 

•Develop and evacuation plan for all of your animals and practice the plan.

          Practice putting your pet inside their carrier.

          Know which hotels are pet friendly.

•Keep vehicles well maintained and full of gas.

*Keep emergency cash on hand. ( remember ATMs may not work)