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During a transport to Colorado, we were contacted by another rescue organization about a troubling situation in Texas, so we detoured on the way back to Louisiana to see if we could help. What used to be a well-designed and vibrant shelter site had deteriorated into chaos, and 58 dogs were living in squalor. On a vast site in desolate San Angelo, Texas, the shelter director had been overwhelmed by years of unchecked animal dumping as well as his own health problems. He did everything he could to keep the shelter animals safe and fed, but eventually he realized the animals needed more than he could continue to provide and he asked for help.

We returned to Louisiana with 7 of the oldest and most emotionally affected dogs. They are at Big Sky Ranch now, and we are seeing to all of their extensive medical needs and showing them the love and affection they have been missing.

Please help us continue to meet their needs until they find the happy, forever homes they deserve. If you can donate funds, please do. If you can donate time, please come sit with them and help restore their trust in humans.


Stewert is a loner who always lived outside. When new dogs arrived at the shelter, he kept to himself. He's so timid that he hid during the original count of animals at the shelter. He was found later hiding out in the bathtub. He can be around other dogs, but he needs a low-key environment and a companion who can spend quiet time with him and show him some gentle patience and understanding.


Butler is a handsome, young Great Pyrenees. We estimate his age to be between 1 and 2 years old. Prior to arriving at the Texas shelter, Butler tended sheep but he didn't enjoy much human contact and didn't receive any vet care. Once he arrived at the rescue, he was picked on by other dogs. He has a very sweet personality. He is very agreeable on a leash and loves other cats and dogs.


Charlie and April (below) are related. We think Charlie might be April's son. They have been together since before arriving at the shelter. For the last 5 years, April and Charlie have shared a closet together. The closet is where they lived, too timid to leave what they thought was a safe place. The space was filled with feces and rodents. Charlie's skin is in bad shape from spending so much time in squalid conditions. Charlie is likely a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and we estimate his age to be about 8 or 9 years old.


 Along with Charlie, April has been cooped up in a closet for the last 5 years. She's extremely timid and shy and like Charlie has a bad skin condition. Most of her fur is missing from her shoulders and back. April will need lots of TLC and time to decompress. With love and patience, she might overcome her fears about being out in the world. She appears to be a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and is probably about 10 years old.


Nash was always shy. He was friendly with a few other dogs at the rescue and they all considered the space beneath a desk as their home. The other dogs left that rescue, but Nash stayed under his desk. He isn't ready yet to get up and walk around at Big Sky Ranch, but he would love for you to come sit and talk with him and let him know he's going to be alright. Nash is about 10 years old.


Roleaux arrived at the shelter in Texas when he was rescued from being a bait dog. His ears were altered with a pocket knife, and yet he harbors no anger or aggression for humans. Despite an imposing appearance, he was relentlessly picked on by other dogs but never fought back. He is a sweet soul. Roleaux is in foster care. Please let us know if you would like to meet him and we can arrange for him to visit Big Sky Ranch on a specific date and time. He is about 8 or 8 1/2 years old.


Sweet Flora is about 2 years old. We don't know her story before she arrived at the rescue, but we know she was dumped there and we know other dogs were aggressive toward her. When rescuers arrived, two mean dogs had to be pushed off of Flora with sticks so she could be examined. She didn't fight back at all. Flora is in foster care. If you would like to meet her, we can arrange for her to be at Big Sky Ranch on the date and at the time of your visit.


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