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CATNIP Foundation, a 501c3 organization with a simple, yet ambitious Vision of a NO KILL community with NO MORE SHELTERS.  Shelters and sanctuary sites are a necessity today, but they are a reactive solution to a problem of over-population, and CATNIP was founded to become a leader in our community and beyond in finding proactive solutions. 

"Build, Learn, Teach"   In everything we do, we strive to create a replicable model that can be used by other animal welfare groups in other communities.  While we enjoy our role in caring for animals directly, we know that multiplying our efforts is paramount to having a real impact.

"Do more together"   A collection of isolated, stove-piped amimal welfare groups can never do more than each can contribute individually.  But together, the whole becomes greater than the parts.  So we focus on bringing in, connection, and supporting other organizations with similar animal welfare missions. 

."Stop the problem before it occurs."   although we work with all animal welfare needs, we are particularly focused on cat over-population.  Euthanasia and shelters are a reactive response to this problem.  We are focused on finding proactive solutions that are affordable, sustainable, accepted by the community, and benefit the welfare.of the animals. 

"Lead others to No Kill Communities."   When we formed our vision, " NO More Shelters", this represented a commitment to ending the need for both euthanasia and shelters by primarily controlling cat populations.  But we do not hold this vision solely for our community, solely for the feline population, nor solely for our immediate geography.  We see our long-term role as being a national resource to consult, teach, model and support communities in all geographic areas.

The Catnip Foundation
The Catnip Foundation
The Catnip Foundation
The Catnip Foundation
The Catnip Foundation
The Catnip Foundation
The Catnip Foundation
The Catnip Foundation

  While our focus is predominantly on felines, we attend to and address the needs of other high risk species such as rabbits, dogs, horses, donkeys and other often neglected and abused farm animals.


         Hours of operations.

  Monday - Friday 9am-4pm

 After hours and weekend visits       available by appointment


How You Can Help


  • Healthcare services - donation of medical ca including spay/neutering,  food and supplies, 

  • Donation of supplies or funding for supplies.

  • Donation of housing or funding for upkeep and maintenance of housing, as well as the construction of new housing and care facilities.



at BSR

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” 
― Leonardo da Vinci

There has never been a cat
Who couldn't calm me down
By walking slowly
Past my chair.

― Rod McKuen

Finance pet treatment with Vetary and give back to our pet shelter!


Big Sky Ranch / CATNIP Foundation

15442 Jack Fork Road

Folsom, LA  70437


Telephone:  985-276-0270


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