Seeking Public Displays of Affection

Buy a Brick or a Tile to Show Your Support for Animals

After only one year in our new location, we are already expanding again because there are so many animals in need!

We need your help to build out new space for taking in and housing even more animals. Buy a brick or a tile to show some love for animals and help "pave the way" for a better future for them! 

As soon as we settled into our new headquarters, Hurricane Ida hit and the numbers of people and


animals in need skyrocketed. To better serve our community, we embarked on a project that will further expand our capacity to pull animals from crowded shelters and give them all the medical care they need to become healthy, adoptable pets. We are converting some of our ample warehouse space into additional intake space and housing for dogs and cats. This is a costly endeavor, and we need your help!


There are 4 ways to show your affection while you support this project.

Donate a Brick to "Pave the Way" 


If you want to put your love on display out in the open, consider leaving your mark on our expansion project by donating a brick for a planned red brick "Catwalk" right out frontA catwalk is "something that provides access," and that is exactly what we do.

Size options:

  • 4x8 (pictured at left) $100 donation

  • 8x8 $250 donation

"Tile" Us Your Love Story

artware for good_edited.jpg

These new spaces at our facility soon will be filled with animals in need. Help us surround them with love by donating a wall tile that shows you care. Tiles can be donated as a gift to someone else, in honor of a special person or pet in your life, or in memory of a lost loved one or a pet who is over the Rainbow Bridge.


Size options:

  • 4x4 $75 donation

  • 6x6 $125 donation

  • 8x8 $500 donation

Let's Have a Regular Date

A Limited Number of Special Sponsorship Opportunities for Monthly Donors

kitten room cafe.jpg

Sponsorships provide ongoing monthly support for the medical and travel expenses associated with pulling animals from shelters, providing all necessary medical care, preparing them for transport, and delivering them to our rescue partners in other states. Sponsorships are recognized with a tile that includes an image and text of the donor’s choosing. Sponsorships are a wonderful way to promote a business and demonstrate community support, to pay tribute to an animal or a person who is important in your life, or honor the memory of a departed loved one.

Cafe Mobile Catio 1 - $500 ($42 monthly donation)

Cafe Mobile Catio 2 - $500 ($42 monthly)

Multi-purpose Catio 1 - $1,000 ($84 monthly)
Multi-purpose Catio 2 - $1,000 ($84 monthly)
Multi-purpose Catio 3 - $1,000 ($84 monthly)
Multi-purpose Catio 4 - $1,000 ($84 monthly)

Kitten Catio - $2,500 ($208 monthly)

Kitten Nursery - $2,500 ($208 monthly)

$84 per month is only $21 per week!

Mobile Catio

Kitten Catio

Kitten Nursery

Multi-Purpose Catios

Meet Me in the Garden

Untitled design (1).jpg

Consider donating a bench for one of our memorial gardens. With this gift, you can rest knowing that you made a difference for sick, injured, abused, and homeless animals in Louisiana. This lovely bench can be engraved with a brief message as a way to honor the memory of the animals or the animal lovers in your life. $2,500 donation